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Meditation for Well-being

Meditation is:
  • Focussed concentration, which helps to reduce mental activity
  • Relaxed awareness and alert stillness
  • Being present with what is
  • Learning how to be rather than do
  • Discovering what is real and what is illusion
  • Letting go and accepting
  • A form of self-healing
There are many different types and methods of meditation, but at the heart of them lies a simple and natural mental technique.  This is to gently centre the focus of the mind on something simple – an image, a word, a sound or one’s own breath.  Concentrating in this way enables us to calm and quieten the mind to some extent, which is what brings about the unique benefits of regular meditation practice. 
Meditation creates a state of relaxed awareness, and this may bring about the following:
alleviation of stress / stress management
improved quality of sleep
ability to relax and release tensions
health benefits (e.g. lower blood pressure, stronger immune response - which have been proven in research studies) 
improved mood and emotional well-being 
feeling calm and peaceful 
awareness and insight 
spiritual development 
In a meditative state of greater awareness, one can connect with one’s soul, higher self or inner wisdom.  In this way, meditation can help us to know our true essence and highest energies of love and peace.  These experiences can lead to greater self-knowledge, self-love and love for others. 
From a meditative experience of inner stillness and peace, one may move into states of pure being and oneness.  For those interested in spiritual development, meditation has much to offer. 

Christine offers meditation training one to one and for groups. A series of classes over a period of weeks enables you to practise your new skill with ongoing support. For those with meditation experience, she can assist and support you in developing your practice, working towards new goals if you wish.  Please contact Christine to find out more.