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The Healing Trust Training Course

About the Course

The Healing Trust is the largest professional healing organisation in the U.K., and has been established for over 60 years.  The Healing Trust is accredited by U.K. Healers, a regulatory organisation overseeing training standards for healers.

The Healing Trust Training Course enables the student to explore and understand the principles and practice of healing. It also serves to support the personal spiritual growth of the individual, who is developing as a channel for healing energies. The course provides ample opportunity to ask questions and for practical workshop experience under the guidance of the Healing Trust's well established professional healer tutors.

The Healing Trust Training Course consists of four parts: Parts 1 and 2, which are two days each, taken as a combined course; Part 3, which is three days; and Part 4, which is three days. The 10 days of the course take place on Saturdays from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm each day.  

When students have successfully completed Parts 1 and 2, they will be able to give healing to friends and family.  They may join a student support group, which provides ongoing opportunities for practice and development.  In addition, they are given the opportunity to work under supervision at one of our Healing Centres, offering healing to the public.  

Parts 3 and 4 of the course go into more depth and continue to further the student's development as a healing practitioner. These parts of the course can be completed at any time.  The student training period is a minimum of two years.  During this time, students develop their healing abilities with the support and guidance of a mentor.  

Course Content

Part 1 (two days)
Subjects covered include:
What is Healing? 
Working with Energy
The Human Energy Centres (the Chakras)
The Human Energy Field (the Aura)
Preparing for Healing
The Healing Act
Self Healing
Distant Healing

Part 2 (two days)
Subjects covered include:
Principles of Breath Work and Relaxation
Opening and Closing a Healing Session
The Professional Healing Environment
Risk Assessment and Health and Safety
The Healer’s Role and Responsibilities
Being a Student with The Healing Trust

Part 3 (three days)
Subjects covered include:
The Physical Body
Stress Management
The Creative Mind
Imagery in Healing and Meditation
Further Self-Healing Strategies
Childhood Influences
Attunement with Words
Couch Healing
Ongoing Healing Practice

Part 4 (three days)
Subjects covered include:
Listening Skills
Healing into Death and Dying
The Higher Self
Karma and Reincarnation
Healing with Sound and Vibration
Healing with Colour
Steps to Holistic Health
Ongoing Healing Practice

Dates and location of forthcoming courses

Parts 1 and 2 combined (4 days) will take place on
Saturdays, from 10 am to 5.30 pm:
14 September
21 September
5 October
12 October

The course venue is in Muswell Hill, North London N10.

Christine offers student development days which support student healers as they progress through their training. These take place throughout the year.

Course fees and applying for the course

The course fee is £80 per day.  
Parts 1 and 2 combined are four days, so the fee is a total of £320.  
Parts 3 and 4 are three days each, and therefore cost £240 each.  
The fees include all course notes, training materials and certificates of completion.

Students do not need any prior experience in healing to attend the training course, just a wish to work in a compassionate way.  The training is suitable for most people who would like to learn about healing.  Because the course is transformational in nature, it may not be suitable for anyone with current mental health problems.  Anyone undergoing a period of illness, intense stress or grief, would be advised to wait until things have settled before applying to attend the course.  Christine is happy to help the applicant decide whether this is the appropriate time to undertake the training.

If you would like to join the next course, please feel free to contact Christine with any questions you may have. There is a registration form to complete and a deposit to pay to secure your place on the course.